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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

15mm ACW Union Army

This is the army that I have closest to being finished. Its more or less supposed to represent the 1st Division of V Corps at the Battle of Gettysburg. As you can see some command stands are still missing their flags and I'm actually short of command stands at this point as well. I have plenty of artillery and there is a box full of unpainted Peter Pig cavalry that I need to get to as well. Most of the generals and game markers need to be redone, well at least the generals will get redone. I need enough for a mounted general for each brigade, at least one division general and I'll probably even add the corps general even though they have no effect in Fire and Fury Regimental, they are important in the original Fire and Fury which is brigade level. For the sharp sighted among you, yes I am using steel pikes as flag staffs. They won't bend but they are wicked sharp at the point and I have drawn blood a time or two. Really I could probably finish this up in a week or so if I really sat down and did it. I'm anxious to get to the Peter Pig stuff as I have never painted it before. So a few pictures here and then the rest in the ACW 15mm gallery


  1. Wuao, I love it.
    15mm fanatics forever!

    merry Cristmas, you are in my best blogs!!

    1. There is nothing like 15mm to capture the sweeping panorama of an ACW battle!