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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charity FOW Tournament

One of the members of LEG (my gaming club) has a daughter that was diagnosed with leukemia. The club decided to hold a charity FOW tournament to raise some funds to help with the medical bills. This was probably the first time I had played FOW in two years or so. The tournament was late war and of course the only army I have is my DAK mid war army. For the tournament they had to masquerade as the Aufklarungs unit of the Hermann Goering division. Three games later  I managed to get completely crushed once, a narrow victory and a narrow defeat. Here are some pictures from the game:
Attacker against the Russians
 Defending against the British 7th Armored (Steve would go on to win the tournament)
 One of those mutual attack/defend games against the Americans. This is one of the 16 game boards I painted for a La Salle tournament in 2010. Unroll and add buildings and hills and you are good to go.
A quick view of my Hermann Goerring Aufklarungs disguised as DAK troops. There are a couple of proxies in there because no store in the area had the last Wespe I needed and I had to sacrifice a pack of Panzer Lehr troops to get the Panzerschrecks I needed.


  1. Some great looking figures!! Sounds like a great event too, raising money for the poor little kid, I hope she's well.
    Thanks for joining my blog, I've returned the favour, I'm your number 2!

  2. Kayleigh is going through her second round of chemo now I think. The first one was very successful and the prognosis is good.

  3. Superb blog,
    Best wishes to Kayleigh and pray she gets well soon!