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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

15mm British Napoleonic Army

My club (LEG) got heavily into La Salle when it was first released. Right now I'm not so enamored with it but it did give me the opportunity to replace the army that I had sold some time ago. I was experimenting with Old Glory and AB and they are actually mixed within the battalions. Despite the Old Glory tendency of over exaggerated poses I think I prefer them in the long run over the ABs. At 15mm the sculpting quality is just not visible on the gaming table and the price for Old Glory and not having to order half a dozen codes to get what I want has won me over. My original British army was Minifig and yes, Heritage. I can see why I got halted from finishing this army up. I believe I was waiting for the flags to arrive from GMB and then I ran out of the pike staffs I was using for the standards. So another project that needs to be completed. I think I only have one more unit of infantry to finish plus all the cavalry and artillery, not to mention Portuguese and Brunswick allies. Although I have to admit I'm still not sure where the Brunswickers fought in the Penninsula. Anyway here are a couple of shots to warm you up and the rest are in the Napoleonic Gallery.

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