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Monday, January 2, 2012

Miniature Wargaming

Like every miniature gamer that I know I have far to many unpainted miniatures and interest in far to many periods. This year I'm trying to cut back a little and will probably have some miniatures that will end up being bartered or sold off. I think I have narrowed my periods down to the following: WWII, WWI, ACW, TYW, Napoleonics, LoTR and 40K.
For WWII I have a 15mm DAK army for Flames of War and I'm slowly gathering the components to do a later war army based on the Hermann Goering Division again for Flames of War. I actually prefer the Command Decision rules but I know with FOW I can always get a game in.
For WWI I'm working on an American force in 28mm. I'm focusing on the 5th Marine Regiment of the 2nd Division. I have a lot of unpainted pewter for this force right now.
I have an 15mm ACW Union Army that is just about complete. I need to finish up some more cannons and do the cavalry and that one can be called done. They are mounted for Fire and Fury. Currently we are playing the newer regimental rules but I still have my old brigade level rules too.
The  advent of some nice plastics for the Thirty Years War/English Civil War sucked me into this period. I'm working on the Danes for the TYW, of course nothing is finished yet and there are some more miniatures to buy. Maybe with the tax return this year.
I have British in 15mm for Napoleonics. This army is actually almost finished as well. Originally my group (the League of Extraordinary Gamers or LEG) was playing La Salle, I think we are leaning towards going back to Napoleon's Battles. The infantry is just about finished which leaves a small amount of artillery and cavalry to round things out.
Lord of the Rings is my fantasy rules choice and I'm working on a Dol Amroth force that I hope to have ready for Mayhem in the Mountains later this year. It will be a double duty army in the end so I'm painting more troops than I can field so it could be used as Rangers of the North or Rangers of Ithilian.
The final piece is my 40K army. This is not something I'm really gung ho about but both of my boys play 40K so it would be nice to have an army to play against them. I have been collecting Legion of the Damned figures as the basis for my own chapter. I have been slowly accumulating kits and miniatures for this army, most of which will end up being pretty heavily converted.

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