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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Genghis Con XXXIII Painting Competitions

One of my convention activities at Genghis Con is coordinating the Painting Conference and Competition. Through a bit of mis-communication an old version of the event went into the program. So I figured I would at least get the record straight on one place. The CMPA is actually running two competitions but you only need to enter once and qualifying entries will be considered for the appropriate awards in both.

First is our standard medal competition. In this five judges review your entries in a category. They decide which piece they consider to be the best (so if you enter 3 figures in Single Historical/Modern only one will be judged, if you also enter a miniature in another category then it would be considered for that category) and then it will be scored from 0-4 by edge judge. We throw out the high and the low score and add the other three to determine what medal you will get; Gold, Silver or Bronze, or didn't place. This allows us to reward all the entries not just the top three. This is done for each category. Then using a trophy judging style the best miniature is selected from each category and from there a Best of Show is determined.

The second competition is exclusively for 15mm WWII miniatures and is called the Silver Star. Similar to Battlefront's Iron Cross but you can enter miniatures by any manufacturer.

There is a third competition being handled by LEG just for armies. Minimum of 30 "stands" and six "units" will get you into this competition. You must enter this separately though and it is being held in a different room.

Here are your categories for the main competition:

Fantasy Single Figure
Science Fiction Single Figure
Historical/Modern Single Figure
Machine of War
Large Figure/Large Monster (54mm+, includes busts)
Vehicle Unit
Non-Vehicle Unit
Juniors (Under 16)
Masterclass (painters that have won previous Best of Show awards)

The Big Awards
Best Competition (awarded to the best non-masterclass miniature, may also win Best in Show)
Best Mongol Miniature Theme (may also win Best in Show)
Best of Show

The Silver Star 15mm WWII competition
Best Tank
Best Objective Marker
Best Gun Team/Stand
Best Infantry Team/Stand
Best Platoon (vehicle, artillery, or infantry, minimum three vehicles or stands)
Best Hero

The Big Award
Best of Show 15mm WWII

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