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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Devil Dogs at Belleau Wood"

The Devil Dogs at Belleau Wood; Us Marines in World War I by Dick Camp
This book falls somewhere in between “At Belleau Wood” and a “His Time in Hell”. A shorter larger format book concentrating more on the company level and sprinkled with many personal observations by the men that fought there. Unlike the other two books this one deals only with the actions leading up to and going through the action at Belleau Wood. It is packed with photographs and maps of Belleau Wood, exactly the kind of information that I have been looking for. It’s a very good quick read that covers the battle succinctly without wandering into the issues of command or going to deep into the personal experience. Another good one for the collection! This will be my main reference when I starting building a section of modular terrain boards to represent the difficult terrain at Belleau Wood, not an exact replica but something that will give the right feel to play a game over.

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