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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roller Hockey!

Just received the email, my Roller Hockey league starts back up on 1/23! I haven't played since November and I really need to get the skates on and hit somebody. Okay, technically its a non-checking league but there is still a lot of  "incidental" contact going on out there. I love the price and the people that play at Skate City but its certainly my least favorite rink to play at. There are no boards as such just a wall on one side and concrete blocks on the other. On top of that there aren't exactly doors that you can close at the three openings along that concrete wall. You have to be paying attention to where you are on that side. I'm not a great player by any means more of a middle of the pack kind of guy.

Tournament season will be starting up at the end of this month as well. We get to play at a real rink usually in Colorado Springs, just imagine a hockey rink with no ice and you have a roller hockey rink although the rules are a little different. We only have four skaters and a goalie and there is no offsides at the blue line. Obviously a bit slower than playing on ice but a heck of a lot cheaper! Typically a tournament is played during a single day and we are guaranteed to play 3 games and if we make the cut then we could be playing upwards of 2 more. If you are lucky you will get a one game break but on occasion we have played back to back games which is really tough on the legs. I'm totally exhausted at the end of one of these marathons. Although my group has never taken first we have picked off the occasional second and third place which is a real feat when you have me skating! That's me #48 at one of our tournament games. Looks like I lost that face off from the direction everyone is looking.

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  1. Thank you for the follow. You've got some nicely painted figures here. The horse in the banner is great and I always love tanks.