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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"At Belleau Wood" - Robert B Asprey

I finished this one up at lunch today. Definitely a different perspective on the battle as this is told more from the battalion and regimental level rather than the single man perspective. Definitely pinpoints the confusion created by the inability of the commanding officers to directly observe or get information on what is happening to the units under their command. An excellent book that does not pull punches when talking about mistakes made by those in charge, in fact some information is referenced from another book "Second Division Northwest of Chateau Thierry, 1 June - 10 July, 1918" by John Thomason. Thomason, called the Rudyard Kipling of the Marine Corps, had written about those issues and faults and the army refused to publish his manuscript after the war. His manuscript was published  after "At Belleau Wood" was published by Robert B Asprey. Asprey's work is well documented and well written. It touches a bit on the issues of the common soldier in the battle but is definitely geared towards how the battle was handled at the battalion and regimental level with glimpses down to the company level. An most excellent book for those wanting to learn more about this battle. This is another one you can find used all of the place; Amazon, Alibris and Abebooks to name just a few online sources.

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