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Friday, January 20, 2012

World War I titles that I "Need"

I was going through the scuttlebutt website last night and jotting down books that I would like to acquire. Mostly because I am a bit obsessive about a subject when I really get into it. Most of these focus on the US Marines but a fair number are about the 2nd Division as a whole. It would be nice to get my hands on one or two issues of the "Indian" the 2nd Division's newsletter as well.
Some of these I'm not likely to ever acquire as they are rare, out of print books although some have been reprinted in various forms over the years. Anyway onward we go:

Through the Wheat – Boyd, Thomas
When the Tide Turned – Kahn, Otto H 
With the Help of God and a Few Marines – Catlin, A.W. 
Devil Dogs; Fighting Marines of WWI – Clark, George B 
And They Thought We Wouldn’t Fight – Gibbons, Floyd
Belleau Wood and the American Army – Andrait, R (Captain)
At Belleau Wood with Rifle and Sketchpad – Linn, Louis C 
Suddenly We Didn’t want to Die - Mackin, Elton E
Company K – March (Campbell), William 
One Man’s War; the Diary of a Leatherneck – Rendinell, JF  & George Pattullo
God have Mercy on Us – Canlon, William 
2nd Division Summary of Operations in the World War
The Second Infantry Division in WWI – Clark, George B
The Second Division  - Harradan, C Gordon  & Raymond Stedman
The Second Division – Spaulding, Oliver Lyman  & John Womack Wright

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