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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paint Transport for the Pack Rat

I am a self acknowledged pack rat and I like to have my stuff with me. I regular pack up my paints 2 or 3 times a week and paint at the local FLGS or at friends' houses. Although I have a container that holds my "ready" paints. I hate to be in a situation where I don't have something that I need. I have tried various snap tite containers over the last couple of years and overall they are pretty good. But they haven't held up to the constant transport abuse like I hoped they would. To that end I keep an eye out for something to supplement them with. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Lowes and Home Dept are the usually culprits and the scrap booking and tool box sections are usually where I end up. Back in November I struck gold at Hobby Lobby. A transport designed for scrapbooking that was twice as wide as the ones I usually find. The interior compartment was deep and was sectioned off with compartments but closer examination showed that these were velcroed in place and could be removed. Three compartments on the outside and wheels with a collapsible handle sealed the deal. The price tag $130.00. Pretty rich for my blood, but then if you sign up for Hobby Lobby email alerts you get coupons for 40% off on a regular basis right to your email. So one month later this baby was mine. It has served very well and I have it packed full. Since its designed for a hobby that deals with paper its pretty sturdy and it looks like its going to hold up to my abuse for a long time. So here are the pics of the thing loaded down, including a shot of everything I'm currently carrying in the main compartment. It will be doubling as a troop transport when that need arises.
Yes, I know, the palette needs to be cleaned.
Here is the bag of holding shot. Three of the large snap tite cases, three of the medium snap tite cases, my Ott Light, a box of Vallejo Washes, a ziplock bag full of steel wool, six bags of Old Glory WWI Miniatures, one little box of Brigade Games WWI Miniatures, two Osprey Reference books and three Battlefront Flames of War books (because I keep forgetting they are in there). Not inside the box were the two sets of keys, the sunglasses, the newspapers or the dining room table. 

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